[jdom-interest] prefixes in attribute values or element conte nt(was the hashcode thread)

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Sun Jun 3 07:03:20 PDT 2001

> NO! Not the application! The Namespaces in XML specification 
> specifies what the context is for the resolution of any namespace 
> prefix found in an XML document. There is nothing application 
> specific about this. It is and must be the same in all applications 
> that adhere to Namespaces in XML.
> The application does not have the right to redefine this. It must be 
> defined in the way Namespaces in XML specifies. That means that the 
> closest ancestor-or-self element that declares the prefix using 
> xmlns:prefix wins. There is no other possibility.
> XPointer is the exception that proves the rule here. It allows 
> namespace prefixes to be defined by xmlns part but only because 
> XPointers may appear in things that are not namespace well-formed XML 
> documents.

You having studied this as much as you have, I give you the nod on this.

Since this in not really enforcible, and because only applications will know
when to interpret an attribute value or content as a namespace prefix, 20
bucks says there will be LOTS of non namespace compliant xml apps out there.

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