[jdom-interest] can you consider this for commitment?

Rhodes, Phillip C. Phillip.Rhodes at alcoa.com
Tue Jun 12 06:09:22 PDT 2001

I think there is a real need to support arbitary text strings.  

I understand that I could parse my perfectly valid XSL string and break it
out to "spoon feed" it to JDom.  This just feels wrong to me.  For example,
if I had a valid XML document, would you require a programmer to parse it
themselves and build a jdom manually for the document?  This is the same

Many websites have their content in a database.  To build a JDom object
using this content would necessitate parsing the content and manually
building up the dom, when their content already is valid xml.

This is NOT a simple case of string cancatenation.  My document is built
from many different sources.  It is built from calculated values, database
data and XSL.  I am "properly" using JDom for the majority of my document.
However, the content of the generated page is stored in a database.  It is a
valid XSL text.  I think allowing arbitary text strings would be of
tremendouse benefit.

In regard to the previous points:
I don't understand why it is a compliment that JDom does not allow this
usage.  I thought the premise of JDom was to make it easier for the

In regard to SaxOutputter and DomOutputter, I will fix these classes so that
they properly output the unescaped text.  XMLOutputter is already done.


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Martin Bravenboer wrote:
> Hi,
> > I have paragraphs of this stuff, and I did not want to do parsing 
> > and build a JDom tree.
> I think it is a compliment that JDom doesn't allow this kind of usage :-)

Yes, it's not appropriate for the JDOM object model to support arbitrary
text strings in lieu of objects.  After all, what would a SAXOutputter
do with the unescaped text?  Or a DOMOutputter?

The right solution imo is to perform a mini-parse of the XML string and
add the generated objects, or keep everything as strings.


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