[jdom-interest] JDOMFactory

Anil Vijendran Anil.Vijendran at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 12 20:50:08 PDT 2001

Jason Hunter wrote:

> "Anil K. Vijendran" wrote:
> >
> > The other issue I have with this factory thingy is the ability for
> > the factory to have more context while creating a node. Specifically
> > I'd like the ability to have the stack of nodes available to me when
> > I create nodes. Thoughts?
> Yes, although I was thinking I'd want more info than that, because my
> idea was a subclass that notes the line number where it was created
> using the SAX locator.  There are a lot of interesting features you
> could add with more context.  I don't think throwing parameters at the
> problem is the right solution though...

Did I imply parameters? I hope not. I was thinking probably add a ParseContext notion
and set the parse context on a factory before starting the parse. Things can be added
by the parser into the ParseContext and things can be shared by factory methods as

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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