[jdom-interest] Missing some functionality

Markus Bernhardt mbernhardt at swsgmbh.de
Thu Jun 21 06:34:41 PDT 2001

Hi all

We are missing some functionality in the
jdom classes.

- Helper for working with content:
    At the moment it's only possible to
    add content at the end of the content list.
    Often needed are things like adding an element
    with index, removing an element with index,
    replace a node, move a node, sort the contents ....

- Usage of a global default factory for internal creation of objects:
    At the moment the XMLFactory is only used in
    the input package. The problem are methods like
    addAttribute(String name, String value) in Element.
    If you subclass a Attribute, you have to sublass Element.
    At the moment this is not a big problem, but I think
    it is needed for the future.

We have implemented those things.

Is there anybody interested in integrating our changes ?
Where to contrib code ?

- markus

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