[jdom-interest] Missing some functionality

Ken Rune Helland kenh at csc.no
Thu Jun 21 05:56:34 PDT 2001

At 02:34 PM 6/21/2001 +0100, Markus Bernhardt wrote:
>Hi all
>We are missing some functionality in the
>jdom classes.
>- Helper for working with content:
>     At the moment it's only possible to
>     add content at the end of the content list.
>     Often needed are things like adding an element
>     with index, removing an element with index,
>     replace a node, move a node, sort the contents ....

Element.getMixedContent() returns a live list
where you can handle the content with the metods of
the java.util.List interface.

Element.getChildren() returns a live list of the
child elements.

>- Usage of a global default factory for internal creation of objects:
>     At the moment the XMLFactory is only used in
>     the input package. The problem are methods like
>     addAttribute(String name, String value) in Element.
>     If you subclass a Attribute, you have to sublass Element.
>     At the moment this is not a big problem, but I think
>     it is needed for the future.

you have also the setAttribute(Attribute) metod
witch lets you add any subclass of attribute you like to.
(addAttribute is deprecated as of beta7)

>We have implemented those things.
>Is there anybody interested in integrating our changes ?
>Where to contrib code ?
>- markus


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