[jdom-interest] Missing some functionality

Markus Bernhardt mbernhardt at swsgmbh.de
Thu Jun 21 09:21:42 PDT 2001

Ken Rune Helland wrote:

> At 04:24 PM 6/21/2001 +0100, Markus Bernhardt wrote:
> >Ken Rune Helland wrote:
> >
> > > At 03:44 PM 6/21/2001 +0100, Markus Bernhardt wrote:
> > >
> [SNIP]
> >h gives a filtered view of the content list :-)
> >
> >Where can I get FilterList ?

I looked into PartialList.
Is it really possible to add any kind of object to this list ?
Doesn't this destroy the tree ??

> When it replaces PartialList it will follow the rest
> of the JDOM sources.


> Sorry forgot about that one, in the case you remove the root element from a
> Document it creates a placeholder element to keep the Document wellformed.
> Dere was a long discussion how to handle this case, some (incuding me)
> wanted to leave the document without a root thowing invalidStateException
> if the programer didnt set a new root before trying to use the Document
> object to
> someting else, other wanted to disallow this alltogether making the programer
> set a new root exsplistly to detach a root element and some wanted this
> placeholder
> solution.
> Dont remember exsactly what was the consensus. Are this from a recent
> version (post beta6)?

Version from cvs today.

> Anyway, if you plan to continue use of this Document object you will
> want to replace this placeholder element with another element
> with the Document.setRootElement() metod and then you can sett any
> subclass of Element you like.

Ok. It's clear how to prevent running into this problem.
The point is, I have written a whole set of jdom classes with
integrated event system. (Not DOM v3 compliant, but working really well)
I would like contribute my classes to everybody who likes it.
Now I try to ensure that no existing code has to be changed to use
my classes.

Element.detach() is easy to fix.
getMixedContent not that easy. Do you know why this PartialList is used.
Only for performance ?

> KenR

- markus
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