[jdom-interest] Missing some functionality

Ken Rune Helland kenh at csc.no
Thu Jun 21 08:37:16 PDT 2001

At 05:21 PM 6/21/2001 +0100, Markus Bernhardt wrote:

>Ken Rune Helland wrote:


>I looked into PartialList.
>Is it really possible to add any kind of object to this list ?
>Doesn't this destroy the tree ??

PartialList / FilterList shoud trow an exception if
you try to add a non JDOM object to it.

> >
> >
> > When it replaces PartialList it will follow the rest
> > of the JDOM sources.
> >
>Ok. It's clear how to prevent running into this problem.
>The point is, I have written a whole set of jdom classes with
>integrated event system. (Not DOM v3 compliant, but working really well)
>I would like contribute my classes to everybody who likes it.
>Now I try to ensure that no existing code has to be changed to use
>my classes.

I'm sure it will be interesting to add to the contrib.

>Element.detach() is easy to fix.
>getMixedContent not that easy. Do you know why this PartialList is used.
>Only for performance ?

PartialList / FilterList is used because because one needed:

- A partial/filtered live list when doing Element.getChildren() on
   a Element with mixed content. getChildren() return a list with
   only the Elements in the content list.
- A list implementation that knows to disallow adding non JDOM objects
   to itself
- A list that knows to set the parent reference of the Added JDOM
   objects to the Element that contanis it, and to clear the parent
   when content is removed.

Anyone know when FilterList will be introdused?


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