[jdom-interest] Parsing XML with end of stream marker

Tim Sawyer Tim.Sawyer at pancredit.com
Mon Jun 25 03:15:26 PDT 2001


For various really annoying reasons, I have some XML that I am getting with
an <EOS> tagged onto the end of it.  So my message that I am trying to parse
contains something like:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1'?>
<m:loginapplicationresponse xmlns:m="http://www.pancredit.com/methods"

If I parse this using:

SAXBuilder lBuilder = new SAXBuilder();
Document lResultsDocument = lBuilder.build(this.resultsStream);

then I get the error 

org.jdom.JDOMException: Error on line 10: The markup in the document
following the root element must be well-formed.
        at org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder.build(SAXBuilder.java, Compiled Code)

Does anyone know a reasonably elegant way to deal with this?



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