[jdom-interest] Checking for attributes without namespace in class Element

Alastair Rodgers alastair.rodgers at PHOCIS.COM
Fri Jun 29 02:36:44 PDT 2001

> > I have just changed my code to work with JDOM beta 7R2. 
> > Everything works fine
> > but the new setAttribute() method in Element.
> > At the moment a checking for an already existing attribute 
> > happens only if the
> > attribute uses a namespace prefix (see line 1603 in 
> > Element.java). I don't think
> > that's sensible. In other words, you can't use setAttribute() 
> > to update an
> > attributes value if you use no namespace prefix. You always 
> > need to check inside
> > your code if an attribute already exists before you update 
> its value.
> The attribute is not updated, it is replaced.  In the case of 
> no namespace,
> it can immediately be replaced.  

To me this description does not seem match the b7 source. For the
no-namespace case, taking the code for setAttribute(Attribute attribute) and
trimming out all the namespace-specific code, etc., we are left with: 

    public Element setAttribute(Attribute attribute) {
        boolean preExisting = false;

        if (attributes == null) {
            attributes = new ArrayList(INITIAL_ARRAY_SIZE);
        else if (preExisting) {
            // Remove any pre-existing attribute
            removeAttribute(attribute.getName(), attribute.getNamespace());

        return this;

Surely preExisting should be set appropriately for the no-namespace case?
Otherwise if I do: 

el.setAttribute(new Attribute("blah", "a");
el.setAttribute(new Attribute("blah", "b");

then don't I end up with 2 Attributes with the same name in the attributes


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