[jdom-interest] jdom.jar problem in beta7rc2

Guillaume Pothier guillaume.pothier at inria.fr
Fri Jun 29 03:09:07 PDT 2001

Hi !

I have a very strange problem with the jdom.jar of the beta7rc2 version of 
JDOM. I am using CodeGuide 3.0 from Omnicore (which by the way is an 
excellent tool) ; in the project settings there is a dialog used to manage 
the classpath where you select jar files and class directories. The strange 
thing is that the jdom.jar of beta7rc2 appears to be corrupted (not accepted 
by CodeGuide as a valid jar file).
There is no problem to open jdom.jar with WinZip, the contents of the file 
looks normal. I tried to rebuild jdom.jar using the build script provided 
with the jdom distribution, and I also tried to create the jar file manually, 
and I still have the problem. 
Any idea ?

Guillaume Pothier

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