[jdom-interest] JDOM vs Cocoon conflict over xerces.jar

Bruce Altner baltner at hq.nasa.gov
Mon Mar 5 08:59:30 PST 2001


I have recently started building an application which uses Cocoon in the 
presentation part and JDOM for server-side processing of the XML file. Both 
come packaged with different xerces.jar files, and I include both in the 
tomcat/lib classpath (under different names of course). However, the order 
of the declarations in that classpath is important so the net effect is 
that I cannot get both parts to work simultaneously. Specifically, the JDOM 
call to SAXBuilder fails when the Cocoon xerces file precedes (Case 1: 
can't find class) and Cocoon fails (Case 2: can't find xml file) when the 
JDOM xerces jar precedes.

I got around this by using DOMBuiler instead of SAXBuilder, since it was a 
SAXBuilder class that wasn't found in Case 1). Either one allows me to 
instantiate the Document but someday I may need the SAXBuilder so I know 
I'll have to resolve this conflict.

Any ideas? Cocoon version is 1.7.4.

Bruce Altner

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