[jdom-interest] Extensible Linking Language (XLL)

Paul Sanford Friedman pfriedman at vis.com
Mon Mar 5 09:04:00 PST 2001

Hello all,
    Our XML Documents would like to reference information from one node in
another within the same document.(cf. e.g.)
We are looking into XLink and XPointer for accessing this information.
I was perusing the jdom-interest archives for XLL info, but I don't think
anyone has broached the subject yet.
    I know these are tangential JDOM-interest questions, but . . .
-does JDOM support XLink and XPointer?;
-is it even necessary to support? (id est. does XLL simply supply internal
XML functionality);
-is this the right direction to pursue? or is their some easy way to
accomplish this task without having to use Xwhatever?

Exampla Gratia:
    <child id="1">
        <grandchild id="1">Some Info</grandchild>
    <child id="2">
        <grandchild id="2">getInfoFromGrandchild[@id="1"]</grandchild>

Thanks in advance (and apologies if this is entirely off topic).

Paul Sanford Friedman - Java Developer
VIS Corporation <http://www.vis.com/>

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