[jdom-interest] could someone please send me JDOMSource and JDOMResult

Steven Gould steven.gould at cgiusa.com
Tue Mar 20 08:18:57 PST 2001


I have attached the files (which include a test program too). Jason and myself are
currently looking into incorporating these into the JDOM distribution.

Some initial "lessons learned" when using Laurent's code:

1. To build you'll need to include the following on your CLASSPATH:


where $XML is the root directory of your JAXP 1.1 installation. You can either
specify this in ADDITIONALCLASSPATH, or modify build.sh (or build.bat).

2. It looks like crimson.jar and xalan.jar come with a more recent version of the
org.w3c.* classes than the xerces.jar included with JDOM, so to run the test program
these JARs should come *before* xerces.jar in your CLASSPATH.

3. In JDOMResult.java, line 235 you'll need to type-cast null to (Element)null, and
import org.jdom.Element.

Other than that it should work fine. Let us know if you have anything more to



Scott Smith wrote:

> Could someone please send me the source for Laurent's JDOMSource and
> JDOMResult classes?  (In a tar or zip format) They are not in the contrib
> source tree.  Why not?
> Thanks very much,
> Scott
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