[jdom-interest] could someone please send me JDOMSource and JDOMResult

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Mar 20 15:16:05 PST 2001

Scott Smith wrote:
> Could someone please send me the source for Laurent's JDOMSource and
> JDOMResult classes?  


> (In a tar or zip format) They are not in the contrib
> source tree.  Why not?

They're not in contrib because they're still in review.  Here's what
Steven Gould found so far:

1. To build you'll need to include the following on your CLASSPATH:


where $XML is the root directory of your JAXP 1.1 installation. You can
either specify this in ADDITIONALCLASSPATH, or
modify build.sh (or

2. It looks like crimson.jar and xalan.jar come with a more recent
version of the org.w3c.* classes than the xerces.jar
included with JDOM, so
to run the test program these JARs should come *before* xerces.jar in

3. In JDOMResult.java, line 235 you'll need to type-cast null to
(Element)null, and import org.jdom.Element.

Anyone else using these, please report back on how well it works for

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