[jdom-interest] Validation in SAX/DOMBuilders

Corcos Igal CorcosI at BanqueLaurentienne.ca
Wed Mar 21 12:50:03 PST 2001

My humble opinion being a newcomer to JDOM:

What I like most about JDOM is that it makes the task of working with XML
simple (and I believe that was one of the goals of JDOM).

Given that, I think the best (and simplest) thing would be to keep the
method call public Document build(boolean validate); the same.  The validate
parameter should simply tell the parser whether or not validation should be
performed, against whatever is specified in the XML!
i.e. if you find a DOCTYPE reference, validate against the DTD, if you find
a schema reference, validate against the schema etc...

This seems like the best solution to me.


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So when it comes to validation, do you (yes, you, reader...) consider DTD
validation and schema validation to be separate things, turned on
separately? For example, when you invoke this method:

public Document build(boolean validate);

in SAXBuilder or DOMBuilder, and send it "true", do you expect that to
validate both DTDs referenced AND schemas referenced? Just one? Should it
stay as is, or should it be:

public void validateDTDs(boolean validateDTDs);
public void validateSchemas(boolean validateSchemas);
public Document build();

I don't like, fyi,

public Document build(boolean validateDTDs, boolean validateSchemas);

too confusing...

so what do people think?


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