[jdom-interest] Doctype entity declaration

Harry Evans hevans at elite.com
Thu Mar 22 15:59:36 PST 2001

I have been working on support for Internal and External Entity declarations
within a DocType declaration.

While this is mostly done, I am struggling with how to handle the output of
these declarations with XMLOutputter.

Should I call DocType.getSerializedForm(), and allow this to write out the
"children" declarations, or handle this explicitly in XMLOutputter?

Right now, XMLOutputter.printDocType(...) and DocType.getSerializedForm()
are basically duplicating the same code.  Which is the preferred method of
outputting a DocType?  Should both methods be modified, or should this be
standardized to one form or the other?  Any ideas?

(I realize that SAXOutputter and DOMOutputter will also require some changes
to handle EntityDeclarations, but I started with XMLOutputter because it is
easier conceptually.)

I would like to resolve this so that I can submit a set of diffs and classes
to the list later this week.  (Support for the other declaration types in a
DocType are in the works as well.)

Harry Evans

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