[jdom-interest] List messages are flowing freely again

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Mar 22 16:51:12 PST 2001

As you all probably noticed, posts to this list have been a little
backed up lately but are now coming in droves.  We can all thank our
friendly sysadmin DJ for clearing the blockage.  Here's what he said in
response to my pestering:

It's that darned constipation thing again! :(

Things had been going so well, I thought we'd had the problems licked.

I've cleaned some things up so mail should start flowing again (though
there's enough there that it'll probably take a while to clean up).

I've also done more tweaking of parameters, so maybe THIS TIME it won't
happen again.

In the future, if you notice your posts aren't delivered within oh say
two hours, please let me know.

3/22 4:51pm PST :-)

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