[jdom-interest] JRun and JDom

Tako Molanus molanust at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 23 00:39:22 PST 2001

Hi there,

I am trying to install version b6 of JDom on JRun
version 3, but I run into some troubles, which I hope
you can help me with.

If I try to run the servlet that builds the DOM tree,
it gives an error on the line

org.w3c.dom.Document domDoc = domOutputter.output

Compiling of this file went ok.

I traced the cause of this error to the inclusion in
the classpath (default by JRun) of two files: jaxp.jar
and parser.jar.

If i include these two files in my classpath and put
them before the xerces library, the file does not
compile anymore.

So, I have found the cause of my problem. Yippeee.

Now for the solution. If I remove the two libraries
from the JRun directory, the servlet works.
But I assume that they have been put there for a
reason, so I'd prefer to let them stay.

How can I get around this?

Thanx in advance

Tako Molanus

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