[jdom-interest] very large files

Bruno Joho bjoho at centralnet.ch
Mon Mar 26 10:05:28 PST 2001


I'm a new to JDOM and like to ask the more experienced users for some
advice how it would be the best way to compare two very large XML files
and output the difference in a XML file. The files have >20 MB of size
and more then 200,000 childs or elements.
I've tried some algorithm and it looked easy at first glance. Create a
SAXBuilder, create a Document, get the RootElement, and then get
recursive all elements (childs of childs of). But then the problem
starts by searching out of this recursive structure a element in the
second document by parsing for each element. The parser will always
start from the beginning of the second document. Also the parser will
not know about duplicated entries.

I appreciate any advice
Bruno Joho

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