[jdom-interest] Element.addAttribute() not replacing Attributes.

Robert R. Sanders robert.sanders at ipov.net
Thu Mar 29 06:15:28 PST 2001

Guess that's what I get for not keeping up with things.
Robert r Sanders

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> > "Robert R. Sanders" wrote:
> >
> > I had a few problems with Element.addAttribute() in that it didn't
> > update/replace old attributes, I looked at the latest source from the
> > CVS snapshot and the problem was still there.  I took a few minutes
> > and poked around and here is what I came up with (I just tested for my
> > simple case, but it seemed to work).  I simply call removeAttribute()
> > if the attribute already exists.  Maybe someone will verify this, and
> > if it works check it in.
> That method is actually going to be entirely rewritten as
> setAttribute().
> -jh-
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