[jdom-interest] JMS and XML

Ken Rune Helland kenh at csc.no
Thu Mar 29 06:19:01 PST 2001

At 03:35 PM 3/29/2001 +0200, markham.r at gmx.de wrote:

>I want to send a message from the server to the client and from client to
>the server. The messages are sent using JMS(Java Message System). The Data
>format is XML.
>The parses always uses File as medium, using JMS the messages are already in
>the main Memory.
>My problem is there a method how I can parse XML data directly out of the
>main memory.
>Richard Markham

The JDOM builder classes build metods accsepts InputStreams and Readers
not only files.

So look in the java.io package for a InputStream or Reader subclass
that wrapps around your in memory xml, for example StringReader,
ByteArrayInputStream or CharArrayReader, depending on what your
internal representation is.


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