[jdom-interest] First pass at Namespace revision[eg]

Jochen Strunk strunk at signal7.de
Fri Mar 30 10:07:38 PST 2001

>I come to this conclusion after going back to the namespaces spec *again*
>and this time reading one of the cross links to the xml spec.  A namespace
>is technically an attribute of an element.  A default namespace, while
>textually represented in a scoped fashion, has a requirement that JDOM in
>fact does meet now:
>"If a default value is declared, when an XML processor encounters an omitted
>attribute, it is to behave as though the attribute were present with the
>declared default value."
>So ends that discussion ;-) JDOM does the required thing.  Perhaps you could
>argue that NO_NAMESPACE is not an appropriate default but it's time to move

I would really like to understand this. The sentence from the xml spec 
applies to attributes declared as #FIXED in a dtd and is used for providing 
default attribute values (if I read that correctly). In which way is that a 
requirement for a default namespace that JDOM fulfills ?


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