[jdom-interest] First pass at Namespace revision[eg]

Jochen Strunk strunk at signal7.de
Fri Mar 30 11:40:40 PST 2001

At 12:18 30.03.2001 -0600, you wrote:
> > I would really like to understand this. The sentence from the
> > xml spec
> > applies to attributes declared as #FIXED in a dtd and is used
> > for providing
> > default attribute values (if I read that correctly). In which
> > way is that a
> > requirement for a default namespace that JDOM fulfills ?
>I arrived at this interpretation because the XML Namespaces spec refers to
>this portion of the XML spec as it discusses the default namespaces.
>In Namespaces in XML, section 2
>"These attributes, like any other XML attributes, may be provided directly
>or by default. "
>default is a hyperlink to the section on attribute defaults.  My
>interpretation is that a default namespace behaves like a default value that
>"is neither #REQUIRED nor #IMPLIED"  The statement about the processor
>supplying the default value if the attribute does not exist doesn't apply to
>just #FIXED defaults as I read it.
I think you are doing too much interpretation ;-). The default hyperlink is 
simply there to define the meaning of "providing XML attributes by 
default", which is an alternative to providing them directly.


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