[jdom-interest] Large files by JDOM?

Risheng Lin rlin at eng.utoledo.edu
Fri May 4 12:33:11 PDT 2001

Hi all,

I have 2 questions regarding JDOM that need you help.

1. I have a XML document of size above 50MB, and I want a full document 
view with random access to get,set or modify the data inside it. It seems 
not possible to handle it with DOM because of the 
java.lang.outOfMemoryError when using the parser to read the file .

Both JavaWorld article "Easy Java/XML integration with JDOM, Part 1" and 
"Java and XML" book state that:

"JDOM attempts to incorporate the best of DOM and SAX. It's a lightweight 
API designed to perform quickly in a small-memory footprint. JDOM also 
provides a full document view with random access but, surprisingly, it does 
not require the entire document to be in memory. "

So could you tell me whether it is possible to handle such a large XML file 
by JDOM? Or any one has written a deferred builder?

2. Since the xml file is so large in size, I want to split it into several 
pieces if possible. I think XLink or XInclude might be helpful. ( BTW, XML 
Schema has xsd:include or xsd:import to bring together several schema, 
there is no such rules in xml specification. Do you know any other ways to 
do it? )

So if I use xlink, does JDOM currently supports xlink for the full document 
view with random access as well?

Many thanks,



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