[jdom-interest] JDom-Dokument: Serialized oversized

Sven Behrens behrens at disy.net
Mon May 7 11:31:33 PDT 2001


thanks for your answers so far.

> Then you can't use RMI. Java object serialization is notoriously
> bloated, slow, and inefficient. 

RMI was a good option with my AttributeColections. As allready
mentioned, I have not made any messurements. I just noticed: "OK, fast

I just were suprised by the size of the serialized JDOM document
compared to the XML-file.

Now I have new questions (I hope not too stupid):
1) What is stored in the serialized JDOM other than the structure and
the values? The name of each element (again and again when there is a
one-to-many relation)?

2) Is it (util the serialization is tuned) better to get the
XML-Presentation, put it into a String or StringBuffer and send this as
the result over RMI?

3) What solution do you prefer to communicate more efficient, when you
avoid RMI?

Thanks in advance,
  Sven Behrens.

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