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Thank you, Amy.

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> On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 01:58:57PM -0700, James Duncan Davidson wrote:
> >> I think Collection would qualify as interesting.  It has 15 methods.  A
> >> List only has 25 total, so the majority of List is inherited from
> >> Collection.
> >
> >What is truly interesting is that there are no *wasted* methods from
> >Collection in List. List truly isa Collection in that every method from
> >Collection is meaningful. This in contrast to the DOM style of using
> >interfaces where methods that don't do anything are still around.
> >
> >IOW, I don't want to see a fly() method on something doesn't have wings.
> Real world: squirrels fly() (at least well enough) without wings (they
> glide, really, but they have gliding surfaces).  Rockets fly().
> Ostriches don't fly() (but have wings).  A number of boats have
> surfaces that probably qualify as "wings" and serve a similar purpose
> in liquid instead of air ... but they don't fly(), except
> metaphorically.
> IOW, if the exceptions reflect reality, I can live with Bird.fly(),
> even if some Birds have to throw OperationNotSupportedException (which,
> btw, was *introduced* with the introduction of the new Collections
> classes, and caused a tempest in a teapot as a result).
> Amy!
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