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Xalan 2 & JAXP:
Have a look at the XSLTResult and XSLTSource stuff in jdom-contrib. You'll have to download it with CVS.  Note that it requires JAXP and xalan 2.

Xalan 1.2:
If you want to use xalan 1+ you'll have covert your JDOM document to a DOM tree.  You can also try using StringWriter and StringReader as your XSLTInputSource and result.

I've tried both and found that using the StringReader, StringWriter method is faster than using the stuff in jdom-contrib.  Be aware though that this was with very small XML documents.  I don't know what the differences would be with large xml files.
There was about a 60% timr difference.

I'm writing this from my Blackberry so I can not give you any examples - sorry!

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any idea if  the Xalan XSL processor supports processing of JDOM Elements
rather than org.w3c.Dom Nodes?

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