[jdom-interest] Contrib directory source code

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue May 15 15:47:24 PDT 2001

> The source code that we download from the contrib directory (ex.
> ResultsetBuilder, JDOMSource/JDOMResult  etc. ), is it a part of the
> standard jdom product ... 

Only the code in the jdom module is part of the standard product.  Some
code in jdom-contrib may be migrated into the standard product, such as
JDOMSource and JDOMResult.

> and will this code be enhanced and kept in future
> releases of JDOM?

Nothing in jdom-contrib has thus far been removed.

> Why I ask this is because I want to use these very useful features from the
> contributions directory ... but I want to be sure that these features will
> not stop working with a new release of JDOM because they were not a part of
> the standard product itself.

Many people are using the utilities in jdom-contrib.  So long as someone
cares enough to keep them current, they'll be kept current. 
High-profile tools like ResultSetBuilder and the JAXP transform classes
are assured to have interest and stay current.  Remember, this isn't
like Microsoft PowerTools where when MS decides they don't care anymore
the feature is discontinued.  You have the source and everyone else has
the source and there's no one person who can kill something that people
find useful.


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