[jdom-interest] * Using JDOM In Applet Help Needed

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu May 17 02:33:35 PDT 2001

graham glass wrote:
> electric xml is meant to be an attractive *alternative* to jdom,
> not a convenient way to improve it!

This should stand as a warning to anyone considering using Electric

Do not forget Electric XML is a proprietary product of The Mind
Electric.  If they for any reason disapprove of your use of the product,
they can alter the license terms to make your use illegal.  

The anti-JDOM clause is *brand new*.  I can still see the old license
without the clause in Google's cache.  Who knows what clauses will be
added next?  If your use case isn't restricted today, what about

I would advise everyone on this list to think twice and then a third
time before building anything significant on Electric XML because your
use rights are so uncertain and subject to change by one commercial

I would furthermore encourage any articles or web pages that compare
Electric XML with alternatives (such as Dennis' web page and James' web
page) to make prominent note that the license for Electric XML is not
open source and does not ensure any future use rights to the software
and that The Mind Electric has a track record of altering the license
with new restrictions.


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