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Tobias Rademacher toby-wan-kenobi at gmx.de
Thu May 17 03:17:55 PDT 2001

Hi James, 
Hi Jason,

> James Strachan wrote:
> > 
> > > dom4j is a fork of JDOM, started by James Strachan because he wanted
> an
> > > interface-based model with factories for object creation, while Brett
> > > and I (and the majority of people here we believe) didn't want that
> > > complexity.  It used to be called JDOM+ until we pointed out that
> > > violated the JDOM license.  James has added some interesting stuff on
> > > the periphery like event-based building, which I'd like to see added
> to
> > > JDOM.
> > 
> > dom4j is *not* a patch of JDOM.
> I said "fork" not "patch".  And considering the not insignificant
> quantity of code in dom4j copyright by myself and Brett I'd argue the
> statement is not without merit.

Please stop your dispute...
First of all. It's not realevant if dom4j or jdom is better. I think both
are good and I respect
the lot of work that poth project's main developer's have upset. Sorry that
I starting this unnessary little war. I guess that dom4j approach with
interfaces and factories a good sample for resuable oo programming that simplies
and hides the underlying subsystem. 
jdom is more pragmatic i think but this leads to better freedom if
I aggree with James that Collection API has a gread desing. I's pretty cool
that both jdom and dom4j uses Colleciton API in a smart way. One the
otherhand I hate casting, witch is necessary often when Colleciton API is involved.
This is solve by using XPath. Code werken path provides XPath for both - jdom
and dom4j. So it would be great if jdom assimilates the path likewise dom4j
It's the same dispute between gnome and kde users. Both UI's are quite good.
Each had is features and its dissadvantages. but some pepole arguing about
the us. 
I think the community should decide which om fits better in their use. I
written some factory classes which make it possible to use both om's. 
It's a pitty that the JSR did'nt define a common set of interfaces and
factories like in JaXP, JSE, JSSE and other Java API's that encouples the
So I have to use my factories for a long time.

It would better decussing about new features and bugfixes and not wage war.
Creators don't fight they build. Please!!!!! 



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