[jdom-interest] JDOM JSR

Sven Behrens behrens at disy.net
Thu May 17 05:30:59 PDT 2001


> If anyone is interested in the history, here it is...
> ...
> & help extending Element and Attribute. These ideas kept being discarded as
> "too complex" or that "there would be issues" though those detailed issues
> were never stated, they were just "in the archives" somewhere.

I would really like to know the design decisions for JDOM and their
reasons. Its just because its seems to be contrary to all I have learned
and have experienced. (Initially I asked for pointers to the discussion
and suggested an entry in the FAQ. Later I found some similar questions
and suggestions.)

I am just starting a new project and have to choose the tools/APIs. My
current impression is, I should give dom4j a first try, because I
understand their design decisions.

I know, there is no best tool/API for all use cases, but to choose the
right one in certain situations, more information is needed.

+ Sven Behrens.

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