[jdom-interest] JDOM license evaluation

Ross Merritt ross at longhairtech.com
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Items 1 and 3
Since you are provided source you are taking on your own support. If it
doesn't work then fix it. You can still leverage the software upgrade and
it's better that writing your own from scratch.
Item 2
I believe there are restrictions on what people provide as input to JDOM.
Patent take 7 years to know your save and JDOm will be long gone in seven

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I passed the JDOM license onto our corporate legal dept., and got this risk

1. No warranty:  JDOM software is provided "as-is".  If it doesn't work, you
have no recourse. 
2. No indemnity:  You have no protection against intellectual property
claims against the JDOM software.  If a patent claim is brought against JDOM
code, <the company> is subject to unlimited liability for infringement.
<the company> may have limited liability clauses with our customers that
might limit our exposure for what we sell, but <the company> faces unlimited
liability for what <the company> makes.  (Commercial code provides <the
company> with indemnities that allow <the company> to escape such liability
to certain extents.)

3. No Support:  Support for JDOM software may become a big problem once a
<the company> product is introduced to market and its design team is
reassigned to other projects. 



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