[jdom-interest] Has any one done a JDOM <> JTreeModel adaptor

Taylor, Patrick ptaylor at rational.com
Thu May 24 11:44:46 PDT 2001

You might want to check out Merlot, an open source XML editor:


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I would like a tree model that is capable of showing the whole XML document
in its entirety, with configurables for assigning icons, etceteras.  I think
this would be useful because quite often in my job I have to show raw XML in
a GUI to allow the user to either directly edit a piece of the XML, or use
DnD to pull pieces of an XML tree into another tree or table.  I think the
M$ XML Notepad displays XML like this.  Of course, the model should also be
configurable enough that it can suppress comments, processing instructions,
etceteras, that the programmer doesn't want displayed.

I'll probably get around to this sometime, I'll probably start by toying
around with the Sun examples of doing this with a DOM.


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