[jdom-interest] Does JDOM have any sort of "Event Listener"?

Andy Clark andyc at apache.org
Mon May 28 21:29:33 PDT 2001

adam flinton wrote:
> Just looking through how I want my gui thing to work & I was wondering if
> JDOM has any DocumentListener event model thingy. i.e where I can register
> to listen for "element_added" or "Attribute_value_changed" or
> Element_value_changed" or whatever.

The W3C DOM model defines mutation events for changes that
occur to the document. While this is an optional module, the
Xerces DOM implements it as well as iterators, selection, etc.
You can check it out at:


In addition, the Xalan XPath code can be used to apply XPath 
queries to a generic DOM implementation. The URL for Xalan is:


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