[jdom-interest] Problem with getMixedContent()

Nestel, Frank frank.nestel at coi.de
Thu Oct 11 09:34:03 PDT 2001


I think I've found a problem in JDOM-b7, if it is a FAQ, please
ignore. If there is a patch, could you send me a note? CVS is
blocked by our firewall and browsing through the WebCVS is very
slow going from here. Zipfiles and archives are currently
blocked by our company firewall due to Nimda fear.

Problem: When I'm working with the Lists returned by 
getMixedContent(), I cannot control well the position of 
inserts when I'm inserting on a Text node. The matching in line 346

     backingList.add(backingList.indexOf(get(index)), current);

in PartialList.java finds the first matching String with a certain
text, if there is more than one node in the XML-instance with 
that particular text, I can only add nodes ahead of the first
of those text nodes. This is probably due to to much String
interning which on the other side might be necessary for
performance reasons.

If there is no fix, you'd might recommend me a known

Thank you very much. 

Frank Nestel

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