[jdom-interest] Problem with getMixedContent()

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Thu Oct 11 11:45:07 PDT 2001

This is an inherent problem with the scheme used by PartialList. The new
improved scheme, FilterList, is currently being worked on. If I remember
correctly, the workaround is to do something like:

List children = parent.getMixedContent();
// manipulate the children list.
parent.setMixedContent(new ArrayList());


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> Hi,
> I think I've found a problem in JDOM-b7, if it is a FAQ, please
> ignore. If there is a patch, could you send me a note? CVS is
> blocked by our firewall and browsing through the WebCVS is very
> slow going from here. Zipfiles and archives are currently
> blocked by our company firewall due to Nimda fear.
> Problem: When I'm working with the Lists returned by
> getMixedContent(), I cannot control well the position of
> inserts when I'm inserting on a Text node. The matching in line 346
>      backingList.add(backingList.indexOf(get(index)), current);
> in PartialList.java finds the first matching String with a certain
> text, if there is more than one node in the XML-instance with
> that particular text, I can only add nodes ahead of the first
> of those text nodes. This is probably due to to much String
> interning which on the other side might be necessary for
> performance reasons.
> If there is no fix, you'd might recommend me a known
> workarround?!
> Thank you very much.
> Frank Nestel
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