[jdom-interest] Performance issues

Amarnath Venugopal venu_7278 at rediffmail.com
Wed Oct 17 03:07:33 PDT 2001

hi folks,

I'd doubt in the form of Performance issues when using JDOM. I dont know wether this is valid one to ask or not. This itself shows my understanding about JDOM... if anything wrong means pls. clear me.

My issue is,
         JDOM internally uses XERCES / XALAN for parsing the XML Documents and gives an wrapper around for ease use of the XML with well know methods & Classes.
 Thats one of the main adv. for using JDOM right !!! if anythign else clear me at this point.
 Coming to realtime implementaion of JDOM we're supposed (atleat for our own implementaions) give an wrapper around the JDOM for our application access.
 So, this create an three layers over the XML Document to access. First layer by XERCES(innermost), Second layer by JDOM and Third one is the our own layer(outermost) we're providing. 

   By using 3 layers, this gives an performance issues where the XML Datas are passed b/w 2 layers b'fore coming to the owr layer. Rather than using these 3 layers, we can provide One layer for accessing XML Docuemnts and our own layer.

  So what are the measures are taken in JDOM side for these kinds of performance issues ????

I think m point is clearly mentioned... and sorry for such a long mail.

Early mail are highly apperciated. & Thanks in advance.

best regards,

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