[jdom-interest] Performance issues

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Wed Oct 17 05:45:40 PDT 2001

>          JDOM internally uses XERCES / XALAN for parsing the XML Documents and gives an wrapper around for ease use of the XML with well know methods & Classes.
>  Thats one of the main adv. for using JDOM right !!! if anythign else clear me at this point.
>  Coming to realtime implementaion of JDOM we're supposed (atleat for our own implementaions) give an wrapper around the JDOM for our application access.
>  So, this create an three layers over the XML Document to access. First layer by XERCES(innermost), Second layer by JDOM and Third one is the our own layer(outermost) we're providing. 
>    By using 3 layers, this gives an performance issues where the XML Datas are passed b/w 2 layers b'fore coming to the owr layer. Rather than using these 3 layers, we can provide One layer for accessing XML Docuemnts and our own layer.

There really isn't a layer of objects from the Xerces/SAX layer.

JDOM receives SAX events, and builds objects.  Doesn't wrap anything
provided by Xerces.  JDOM does *not* provide a wrapper to DOM.

It just converts events (energy) to objects (mass), following normal
conservation-of-mass laws from physics.

What's the point of your application's wrapper layer over the 
JDOM objects?

Questions like this are always better if you can include a 
use-case of not what you're doing right now, but what you're
attempting to do.  Sure, you're wrapping JDOM objects, but


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