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Jay Burgess jburgess at delanotech.com
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If I understand the problem correctly, then it may be due to the colons in 
the timestamp portion of your filename.  At least on Windows, a colon is 
not a valid filename character.  Here's a one-line way to generate a 
timestamp without colons:

     new SimpleDateFormat("HH.mm.ss.SSS").format(new Date())

You can add the datestamp as well if you look up the rest of the values for 


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The issue I'm having is probably more of a "basic" coding issue than a JDOM
issue but I'll try my luck here first.

I'm attempting to use the XMLOutputter class to create XML files from a JDOM
object that is retrieving Clob files from a database so I can see the test
data. Here's the code for that piece:

       inputsource = new InputSource(is);
       doc = builder.build(inputsource);

       StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
       String wholeTime = new
       String date = wholeTime.substring(0, 10);
       String newTime = sb.toString();

       String file = "c:/Documents and
       OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(file, true);
       XMLOutputter xo = new XMLOutputter("   ", true, "UTF-8");
       xo.output(doc, os);

This works but I don't want to append [new FileOutputStream(file, true);]
each XML image in the one acceptance.xml file. I was trying to use the
following code to create different file names: String file = "c:/Documents
and Settings/xzs3h2/jbproject/DTDMap/" + newTime + "_acceptance.xml"; but I
was receiving a "bad parameter" error message at: OutputStream os = new
FileOutputStream(file, true);

Sorry for the newbie question but any suggestions would be appreciated.


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