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Wes Rood Wes_Rood at mgic.com
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I think it may have something to do with your file separator slash.

Try either a double backslash in your string - \\ or try explicitly using 
File.separator, that will take the correct file separator for your 

I've also had problems using spaces in filenames occasionally.  This is 
less likely, but if the slash change doesn't work, try renaming your 
subdirectory to one without spaces.


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Hello William,

No problem on the question; newbies unite!  :)

Where you have:
String file = "c:/Documents and Settings/xzs3h2/jbproject/DTDMap/" + 
+ "_acceptance.xml";

Could you check the value of the file variable after this command?  Either
in your debugger or maybe with:

System.out.println( "file name ='" + file + "'" );

That might be helpful for debugging.


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The issue I'm having is probably more of a "basic" coding issue than a 
issue but I'll try my luck here first.

I'm attempting to use the XMLOutputter class to create XML files from a 
object that is retrieving Clob files from a database so I can see the test
data. Here's the code for that piece:

      inputsource = new InputSource(is);
      doc = builder.build(inputsource);

      StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
      String wholeTime = new
      String date = wholeTime.substring(0, 10);
      String newTime = sb.toString();

      String file = "c:/Documents and
      OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(file, true);
      XMLOutputter xo = new XMLOutputter("   ", true, "UTF-8");
      xo.output(doc, os);

This works but I don't want to append [new FileOutputStream(file, true);]
each XML image in the one acceptance.xml file. I was trying to use the
following code to create different file names: String file = "c:/Documents
and Settings/xzs3h2/jbproject/DTDMap/" + newTime + "_acceptance.xml"; but 
was receiving a "bad parameter" error message at: OutputStream os = new
FileOutputStream(file, true);

Sorry for the newbie question but any suggestions would be appreciated.


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