[jdom-interest] Re: Out of date JAR files in %JDOM_HOME%\lib directory

Attila Szegedi szegedia at freemail.hu
Sat Oct 27 07:06:46 PDT 2001

This problem tipically crops up when you don't invoke Ant through its
scripts in $ANT_HOME/bin, but rather you construct the classpath yourself
and call "java -Dant.home=$ANT_HOME org.apache.tools.ant.Ant" (tipically
from a custom build script).

A typical mistake is to forget including the $JDK_HOME/lib/tools.jar in the
self-constructed classpath. This way Ant will be unable to find any


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> My problem I think was Ant.  It keep complaining that it couldn't find
> the classic compiler even if I specified modern in build.xml.  Downloading
> the latest version of Ant fixed it, so I didn't pursue it any further.
> Just one of those weird problems.
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