[jdom-interest] JDOM Document over SOAP

mhreynolds at mail.com mhreynolds at mail.com
Sat Sep 8 22:13:05 PDT 2001

Hello to everyone on the list.
I am trying to encapsulate a JDOM Document within a SOAP client and send it as a parameter to a SOAP server application. Does anyone know the best way to serialize/deserialize a JDOM Document so that it can be used over the wire with SOAP? 

I have considered converting the Document to a string (which Apache SOAP supports over the wire) using XMLOutputter.output(Document) but then I couldn't find a way to convert it back to a JDOM Document from the string.

I looked through the archives and found some discussion on JDOM and SOAP, but didn't find anything addressing this specific issue.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this??
Thanks for the help, 

Harris Reynolds

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