[jdom-interest] JDOM Document over SOAP

Aaron Oathout aaron at codejunkies.org
Sat Sep 8 22:34:32 PDT 2001

Look at SAXBuilder's build method. You can build a document from a Reader,
so if you construct a StringReader from the String you're set.

Aaron Oathout

On Sun, 9 Sep 2001 mhreynolds at mail.com wrote:

> Hello to everyone on the list.
> I am trying to encapsulate a JDOM Document within a SOAP client and send it as a parameter to a SOAP server application. Does anyone know the best way to serialize/deserialize a JDOM Document so that it can be used over the wire with SOAP?
> I have considered converting the Document to a string (which Apache SOAP supports over the wire) using XMLOutputter.output(Document) but then I couldn't find a way to convert it back to a JDOM Document from the string.
> I looked through the archives and found some discussion on JDOM and SOAP, but didn't find anything addressing this specific issue.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this??
> Thanks for the help,
> Harris Reynolds

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