[jdom-interest] new content validated against DTD?

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Tue Sep 18 21:33:58 PDT 2001

This should probably be in the FAQ.

The answer is no, you can't have constant validation against a DTD, and
if you think about the implementation details you'll understand why. 
For example, take a simple document with one root element that has to
have exactly 3 children.  How do you build that document without ever
breaking the DTD while you're doing it?  You'd have to build it all in
one step.

There's a desire to have a validate() method that checks anytime you
want, which is the right approach, but no one's working on implementing
it yet.  Volunteers always wanted.


James Holmes wrote:
> I am using JDOM to parse Apache Jakarta Struts config
> files.  I read in the file using JDOM and then make
> changes to the file via JDOM.
> My question is:  When adding new content (i.e.
> elements, attributes, etc) to a JDOM document, are the
> additions validated against the DTD that was used when
> the document was intially parsed?
> My problem is that I am adding new elements to a JDOM
> document and they are not being added in the right
> order according to the DTD.
> I'm guessing this not supported.  If not, are there
> any solutions/workarounds to achieve this
> functionality?
> Thanks,
> -james
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