[jdom-interest] Alter entity - declaration

Mathias Weber Mathias.Weber at brave.de
Wed Sep 19 01:46:43 PDT 2001


I`m wondering if it is possible to modify eintity-declarations in the
<!DOCTYPE ... []> - tag or in the dtd via jdom, so I can include
different files dynamically.

Let`s say I`ve got something like this:

<!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM "foo.dtd" [
  <!-- the following line should be changed or replaced -->
  <!ENTITY bar SYSTEM "bar.xml">

  <!-- some tags, valid against foo.dtd -->
  <sometag>some content</sometag>
  <!-- via entity replacement inserted file - should be dynamic -->
  <!-- some more tags, valid against foo.dtd -->
  <sometag>some content</sometag>

Any hint or help appreciated. If someone got an idea, how to include one
xml file dynamically in an other... please don`t hesitate to inform me
about it.

Thanks a lot,
Mathias Weber.

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