[jdom-interest] Missing feature: Insert element in parent in at a specific position

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Mon Dec 2 09:10:19 PST 2002

This is in the FAQ.  Use the List's methods.


Jesper de Jong wrote:
> I am missing a feature in JDOM beta 8: I want to insert an element at a
> specific position in the parent element. Class org.jdom.Element only
> contains a method: public Element addContent(Element element).
> What about: public Element addContent(int index, Element element) ??
> (Likewise for the other types that can be added as children to an element).
> I've looked at the source code, class ContentList has add(int index, ...)
> methods so it should be very easy to add these addContent methods to class
> Element.
> Jesper
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