[jdom-interest] swapping nodes and their children?

Alex Rosen arosen at novell.com
Mon Dec 2 22:49:19 PST 2002

Instead of:

      List anchorList = anchor.getContent();

do this:

      List anchorList = new ArrayList(anchor.getContent());

This makes a copy of the list of children from anchor, then ensures that anchor has no children (thus detaching all the children), and then adds the children to heading.


>>> Greg Wilson <Greg.Wilson at baltimore.com> 12/02/02 03:26PM >>>
Hi, folks.  I have an HTML document which contains both:

<a href="..."><h1>...</h1></a>


<h1><a href="...">...</a></h1>

i.e. ordering of anchor and heading tags is inconsistent.
I would like to use JDOM to normalize this, so that (for
example) anchors always wrap headings.  Finding cases to be
corrected is easy; rearranging the nodes is proving to be
more difficult than I expected (and certainly more difficult
than in Python).  The following does *not* work; the last
call to 'setContent()' tells me that the nodes in the list
already have parents.  I suppose I could iterate through the
children of 'anchor', detaching them, then re-attaching them
to the 'heading' node, but surely there has to be an easier
way?  (Especially since content nodes don't have a single
common ancestor with a 'detach()' method, so my detach/attach
loop would have to test each one's type, cast it, and then
call 'detach()'.)


    protected void swap(Element heading)
      // Get nodes affected
      Element anchor = (Element)heading.getContent().get(0);
      Element parent = heading.getParent();
      List parentList = parent.getContent();

      // Where is the anchor going to sit?
      int headingIndex = parentList.indexOf(heading);

      // Take anchor and heading out of tree

      // Put anchor directly beneath parent
      parentList.set(headingIndex, anchor);

      // Move anchor's content to heading, and reattach heading
      List anchorList = anchor.getContent();

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