[jdom-interest] predefined entities

Neville Peter p_nevilleuk at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 13 05:34:48 PST 2002


I have seen a few threads on this subject, but no
answers to my problem:

I am using SAXBuilder to construct my Document. The
XML file has entity references in some attributes. For
example, <a val1="X&#38;Y"/>.  When I use retrieve
this element and get the attribute value I get "X&Y"
as the value.
What I would like is "X&#38;Y" ie. as it is in the XML
file. This is because I want to store this value in my
database without having to call any conversion

I have tried using crimson, xerces 2.1.1 etc and
setting setExpandEntities to false and also creating
my own EntityResolver. But cannot get the
functionality I require above.

Any ideas?

Peter Neville

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