[jdom-interest] sealing violation

Carey Boldenow c.boldenow at cyterasystems.com
Wed Dec 18 13:37:51 PST 2002

I am getting a Java.lang.SecurityException: sealing 
violation when attempting to instantiate my SAXBuilder. 
The following is the corresponding code snippet.

private static final String DEFAULT_SAX_DRIVER_CLASS =
     public static void init(String configFileName) {
         try {
             SAXBuilder builder = new 
       *** sealing violation is now thrown while 
initializing SAXBuilder

My classpath includes the jdom.jar and crimson.jar. If I 
add xerces.jar then the exception goes away, but I don't 
know why I should have to include xerces, if I don't want 
to use it.

Thanks for any help offered.


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