[jdom-interest] root element

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Fri Dec 27 18:47:43 PST 2002

Most of us have forgotten what was in b6.  I know I write the changes in
CHANGES.txt and forget.  I know getRootElement() works in b8.


Antonello Dell'Armi wrote:
> Is there an method to get the root of a docuent in jdom beta6?
> I have implemented one very simple
> public Element getRootElement(Element element){
>  if(element.isRootElement())
>   return element;
>  else{
>   Element newelement = element.getParent();
>  return (getRootElement(newelement));
>  }
> }
> Why it isn't included in the distribution?i think it can be useful.
> Antonello
> N‡(žÚè—*.®7hš)íz·¬¶g¦mêì†*a¶ÚþX¬¶Ç^ž÷«¢ybéÞ·ùšŠYšŸú)¶*'³øÝ¢h§µêÞ²ßò¢êÚuÚò¢êá¢Ë\om==

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